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เนื้อเพลง digital underground – want it all


(shock g)
i wanna go up downtown get around town
out of town for about a month overnight
while the sun’s shining bright in the middle
of the warm cold freezing hot night, that’s all

(money b)
i wanna put it in out through over and under
shake and bake, first take heed the boots and blunder
i’m ready to feel the ninth wonder, ready for it all

(shock g)
when i’m way up high i walk the edge i’m on the verge
i get the urge i wanna jump can’t do it suicide
but i wonder what it’s like to fall, cause i want it all

(humpty hump)
lemme get a fruit juice lemon drop soda pop
popcorn candy bar chocolate ice cream and hennessy
i want it aalll, yeah, i want it aaallll!
yo, i want anita laquita shakiyla lolita
diana hannah rosanna, dookie-braid wearing kelly
sh-lly the redhead and big booty emily, i want em all

yo i wanna smoke about an ounce and bounce
to your local discount lah spot picking up large amounts
i wanna pound extra thick quinton asked no questions
nuff lah for the session, i want it all

i want it all! (x4)

(shock g)
i wanna have a tight body meet a physically fit girl named holly
who likes to ride the bikes exercise and go running
but i also wanna lay around the rest and get blunted

(humpty hump)
i want a fat crib and a car and boat and a good business
and a dope biznitch to share the fantasy with me
and live virtually responsibility free, i want it all g

(shock g)
i goes for mine all the time i’m first in line
you better get behind me, you’re no friend of mine see
i want it all, i like to kick the knowledge and do good
but i still wanna be that pimp n-gg- in the hood
yes, i want it all
i wanna lay back like a mack while you do me
i wanna get did but then again i wanna do you
i wanna please you, i wanna doo woo you
do you want it all?

(humpty hump)
we gotta be safe but i wanna be nasty
we gotta bust quick but then again
i’m trying to make it last you see
do you want it all

(money b)
check it out, i wanna stack and be the fat rat
get a map flat on the hill drive a lac
still i wanna be back down in the hood
so i can chill with the brothers that’s from there
you know we’re in there i want it all

(shock g)
i wanna clown with my homies
i wanna do three-sixtys in a ‘69 camaro
i wanna drop my clutch tyres scream
bust a cloud of smoke wreck the scene
and then jet like an arrow
but then again i gotta please the ladies
so i need a clean six-four and a drop-top mercedes
i want it all
i wanna be as fly as the others, i wanna freak my brothers
with the underground street thing
but then again i wanna make my mother proud
with the grammy nominee thing
i wanna pleeeaase all my sisters, let me give you the world!
but i can’t get j-panese girls out of my system
and i wanna do a grey girl
i wanna live righteous so i might just
follow malcolm and kick it like farrakhan
but then when the lights are gone
i’m out in the street acting crazy
it’s great to be alive, i wonder what it’s like to die
i wanna live drug free and i wanna be sober
but i wanna get high until the world is over

(humpty hump)
i wanna be a real humanitarian
eat fish and become a vegetarian
but after the party’s over at 2am
then i wanna get a fat burger

can’t be bought but i’m up for sale
i’m going to heaven i’m going to h-ll
i like the day i like the night
i like the dark i like to bite

(money b)
i wanna jack a rasta for his car keys get some dee
a kilo and gets some hoes get my stack on attack
and smoke a full tank of (?), i also wanna stop crying
i want it all

(humpty hump)
i wanna stay inside i wanna get out and kick it
i like to mingle i wanna get married wanna stay single
(money-b: married?! h-ll no)
i wanna be this i wanna be that
i don’t know where i’m going
don’t know where i’m coming from
but i know where i’m going
everything is everything nothing is nothing

i want fancy cars and diamond rings
i wanna do that ghetto thing
i want a wife and kids and nice big home
and next week i wanna be all alone
i want everything!

i want it all! (x4)

- เนื้อเพลง digital underground