เนื้อเพลง dierks bentley – you hold me together


by now i shoulda been broken
on the rocks of rising life’s ocean
just another ship lost at sea
by now i shoulda been scattered
in the wind of my lonesome travels
like a thousand dandelion seeds
and i shoulda come unraveled
at the seams like a well worn sweater
but you hold me together

my hope shoulda been shattered
like a bottle out behind some tavern
from a fight that you had no chance to win
my dreams shoulda been ashes
gone up in smoke like a book of matches
tossed away and never gonna burn again
and i shoulda worn right through
like an old cowboy’s boot leather
but you hold me together

i feel your love surrounding me
strong enough that i can believe
there won’t ever be a storm that i can’t weather
cause you hold me together

i shoulda been long forgotten
just a footnote down at the bottom
of a page in the book of what coulda been’s
my heart should lie in pieces
on the ground like a goodbye letter

you hold me together

- เนื้อเพลง dierks bentley