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เนื้อเพลง demonic resurrection – lord of pestilence


where do we go?
far away from here
have we lost all?
to the dark…

the dark…
the dark…
when the lights are fading fast
we follow the road to black
when the faith breaks all is lost
lose not hope we shall not fall

the slow wind
the tide
now the lights are gone
and doom is here

fear him, the harbinger
fear him, messenger of death

your weakness fuels his strength
it is your fear on which he feeds
a pestilence that breeds
evoked by darkness he must feed on flesh

i conjure spells
that blacken your heart, i am reading
into your mind
your darkness is my closest kin

i am despair
death and sorrow. the unhealer
no one shall be spared
slip my venom beneath your skin

my dissent… futile!
my resistance… i shall crush!
my defiance… perish!
to your end

warriors… hear my call

i will lead the legions
i will cut you down
i will make you pay
your blood on my hands
death you shall meet
darkness i will defeat
mercy you entreat
victorious, i

there is no escape
from the inevitable
accept your fate
the darkness will reign supreme

slain he is no more
his death will mark this war
gather the army
darkness still lingers near

injected, the venom devours me
eroding away my sanity
from this enslavement i must be free

in my hour of need
i believe you’re watching over me

as the hour looms, we brace ourselves for battle
armies prepare for the siege
we must destroy the mortals their sickening breed
decimate them all

-ssemble the armies, prepare for the attack
the battle cry resounds
spare not a soul of the adversary
burn them to the ground

the time is here
at the onset of war we show no fear
march forward and take them by force
it’s time to go forth
go forth!
go forth!
go forth!
and kill or be killed!

into battle we march
no dread, no mercy
break the walls, tear them down
the hour of reckoning is now

- เนื้อเพลง demonic resurrection