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เนื้อเพลง december wolves – kolobok


in control and why exist for this gut reaction? –
unattraction…my post-primordial complex at 823x it’s
original dosage. initials carved in my anxious palm, i f-ck my
way through odysseus psalm! defiled in holy
chambers…horroscope hallucinogen. i would say “yes” to see
profit from heaven run dry.
how can you keep from he who fingers the ultimate? wait ’til
you see!…kicking heels while heaven runs dry! kolobok!…
i would say “yes” to see profit from streaming flaw. just
relax and take a deep breath. the conference begins…
a conference meaning a mutual bond between the selves – a
master by theirs and his own advised h-ll.
gut reaction – unattraction! the problem is i grossly admire
an interest inhuman…you see, horrible habits die hard, and
i’m starting to feel like me again.

- เนื้อเพลง december wolves