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เนื้อเพลง december moon – nocturnal transcendency


i swoon as i ascend this lifeless body
thoughts perish as i p-ss between worlds,
confused i direct my eyes, perchance to see…
with sorrow i remember lost surroundings,
the taste of wonder collapsed to solemnity,
meanings fade and wither in my unholy tomb

my abudance being my only regret,
brighter than life yet infinity d-mned,
to be or not is no longer any question!
i bid welcome to the realm of conception
unable to realise my bleak surroundings,
the further i reach, the darker i shine,
and nothing else reveals…

exposing my force to swirling void,
outstretched hands of no avail,
i yearn for none of this cold desolation
as i transcend my present state
images of my former existence,
return again to tease my being
i see despondency from my only portal…

through helplessness i find security,
this conciousness is neverending…
as my minds eye twists into ecstasy
all is dark and dismally blessed…
in this castle i am lord,
and here i shall reign forevermore,
tomorrows dreams… sleep perchance to dream!

- เนื้อเพลง december moon