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เนื้อเพลง death ss – welcome to my hell


welcome to my h-ll
welcome to the spell
cadavers, monsters and witches as well
all together in my h-ll
ring for you satan’s bell
this is the end can’t you tell.

welcome here tonight
in this place you have to fight
when some devils turn on the light
you will see this evil sight.

welcome to my sin
nothing to lose, nothing to win
there’s no pleasure, see what i mean
like a nightmare it will seem
your soul will fight and your mind will dream
you’ll be weak as you’ve never been.

welcome to the reign of blood
as you enter start to shout
and your scream will be so loud
when you find there’s no way out.

welcome to my hate
here you will be my only mate
and your thirst for power you can sedate
but don’t thank me and don’t thank fate
’cause when you know the price it could be too late
and your soul will have no escape.

- เนื้อเพลง death ss