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เนื้อเพลง death ss – terror


i’m caught in a thunderstorm
and i’ve missed my train
there are no shelters in this place
i’m obliged to take refuge
into this old cemetery
that seems abandoned.

i hope i won’t remain here for a long time
besides it’s getting darker and darker
but just a moment what is happening?
at the flash of lightning i think i see
something moving over there.

may be a figment of my imagination
but i think i’m lost
in this cursed cemetery.
choked noises now frighten me
seem to rise from the graves
now i feel a dark presence
and the bells tolling here
seem to come from nowhere
my god, what is it?

it cannot be true, i’m full of horror!
the dead are leaving their coffins now
and they come slowly towards me
with their corroded hands and feet
now i realize that my time is come.

it’s midnight the time of terror
and my last hour is coming
it’s the time of terror
it’s my time to die now.

- เนื้อเพลง death ss