เนื้อเพลง darling west – ballad of an outlaw


my story is true, though i’ve not been in chains
today i’ll be free, for i have been slain
twenty long years in these mountains i’ve roamed
calling them mother, church and home

seeing a wrong that i wanted to right
i ended a life and ran in the night
finding no peace, just a bed made of stone
longing for mother, church and home

early in springtime, still snow on the ground
i went to a hill above my old town
spotting a man that i once used to know
courting my lover, church and home

then one day
a bullet came my way
shot down cold
never to grow old

will they all weep when they hear i am dead
or will they salute my k!ller instead
i know i’ll rest when they lower me down
close to my mother, church and home

- เนื้อเพลง darling west