เนื้อเพลง daphne blake & the head – signal (interlude)


daphne blake: jessy!

the head: my sweet!

db: how art thou dressed on this fine, fine, fine evening?

th: i am but cloaked in the silk of some fine stocking

db: and what art thou doing under luna’s bright star?

th: i am retrieving the wings from the oven, charred

db: oh. at what o’clock shall i call to thee?

th: at the time of 3 hours 54 past midnight

db: i will not fail, ’tis twenty year till then. i forgot why i did call thee back, tho

th: alloweth me to stand here till thee remember

db: i shall forget, to have thee stand there, remembering how i love thy company

th: and i’ll but stay to have thee still forget, forgetting any other home but this. i long for us to touch once more…

db: but i fear our signal grows ever so poor…

- เนื้อเพลง daphne blake the head