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เนื้อเพลง danity kane – oh la la


danity kane — oh la la lyrics
ooh la la la la la
my skin is gettin wet
my clothes is comin off
ooh la la la la la
too many on the floor
the club is gettin hot [2x]

[verse 1]
he wants to step but
i’m not impressed but
i took his hand and i led him to the dance floor
now we’re movin
we’re really movin
i’m feelin him and it’s kinda confusin

i didn’t know this boy could dance
but the way he took my body turned me on
didn’t come to find romance
and even if i did there was no where to be alone


[verse 2]
the club is jumpin
heat is pumpin
we’re gettin close and i’m tryna do somethin
i’m gettin high and
it’s not suprisin
room is packed
body temperatures risin

now i can hardly move
there’s no where for me to be but right next to you
feelin like i’m in the mood
but we can’t even talk what am i to do


the club is gettin hot tonight
body’s sweatin left to right
we’re movin and the feelin’s right
dancin till the early light
so come on and hold me close

wanna be alone with you
boy that’s what i wanna do
think i’m comin home with you
but i can’t do that
my oh my
ooh la la

[chorus 2x]

- เนื้อเพลง danity kane