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เนื้อเพลง crimson moon – chaos of the sea


within the fathomless depths of astral chaos
a sea churns like the madness of her dreams.
she is the chaos serpent, the chaos that dwells in the sea.
she is of primordial essence, and her essence is transcended through me.

sp-wned from her are the restless ones;
ancient ones; mighty ones; and the chaos of the sea. s
he knows, sees and controls all, and through her so shall we.
venom is her blood and unsparing are her fangs –
her essence transcends all planes.

ka-shur-ra mulki mummu ki-ta gir-tab
sa dug mu mud siskur mah usumgal ab-zu
mu ashta za ezezu am lu-gub-ba ni-me-gar
ka-gur peta babkama laruba anaku ina absu.
ia sarratum tiamatu sal-lugal ina mab guza
ia bel kingu dumu-lugal ina ekemu ku kug!

chaos has risen unto her immortal throne.
tiamat, thou art infinite, as the depths below the seas.

awesome celestial body, born under scorpio,
accept my blood offering mighty dragon of the primeval source.
my heart is yours. furious but dwelling in silence.
keeper of the gate, open the gate so that i may enter here –
the gate unto cosmic truth – the gate unto the abyss.

hail goddess tiamat, queen of the exalted throne.
hail lord kingu, prince of the powers of darkness.

- เนื้อเพลง crimson moon