เนื้อเพลง crime mob – knuck if you buck


knuck if you buck boy [repeat 10x]
knuck if you buck
knuck if you buck
knuck if you buck
kn kn kn kn kn kn
knuck if you buck boy

[lil scr-ppy]
crime mob ho, crime mob ho
hey this ya boy lil scr-ppy,
“tha prince of crunk”
yea, lil j on tha track n-gg-,
ay its time for all security to get around
it’s going down……..

[verse 1]
well i’ma gat totin’ pistol holdin’
n-gg- on yo d-mn street
stompin jumpin b-mpin
and get crunk off in this d-mn thang
throwin dem bows up at dez hoes
they screamin they bleedin from they nose
but we start to sw-ng we makin n-gg-s h-t the flo’
ain’t no game off in this thang
we too deep off yo party
crime mob n-gg-s gettin started
ellenwood n-gg-s be the hardest
so if a n-gg- come and run his mouth just like a hoe
punch em dead up in his nose
and stomp his -ss down to the flo’

[verse 2]
yeah we knuckin and buckin and ready to fight
i betcha im’a throw dem thangs
so haters best to think twice
see me i ain’t nothin nice
and crime mob it ain’t no stoppin’
they be like sadaam husein, hitler and osama bin laden
like they steady gum poppin
and i am actin a fool
i wish a hater would get crunk up on this crime mob crew
now enough is enough boy
rough and get stuffed boy
luck is a must boy
knuck if you buck boy

[verse 3]
jumpin off from on the stage
throwin’ bows like johnny cage
all my n-gg-s startin’ riots
knockin down the baracade
ellenwood we be to deep
the mob is to elite
flawless lookin shawties
you’ll be jawless gettin close to me
bullets bustin constantly
rammin through yo city streets
broken bones laying long scattered across the concrete
knuckin if u buckin you’ll be duckin if u get too close
in my eyes you wasn’t wise
i think its time i knuck you ho

[verse 4]
i come in da club
shakin my dreads, throwin dem bows
and bussin dez heads
b-tch you irrelevant come to my residence
betsa back up for i leave you ellect
i been in drama and commiting a crime
not leavin’ a trace not leavin’ a line
we knuckin and buckin cuz i got a nine
i blow you away cuz you wastin my time
stupid -ss n-gg-s i know what to do
i waste yo -ss you step to my crew
i’m through wit you haters so watch what you do
you talkin bout me then i’m talkin to you
you buckin on us and we leave you in plastic
you buckin on me and that sh-t gone get nasty
i’m colder than ice and i’m freezing off hits
i shot at yo city but you cannot tell

[verse 5]
knuck if you buck boy
but you betta come equipped
i got some sh-t off in my trunk thats gonna make yo body flip hollow tip
bussin off the rizo soon as a hit the do’
anybody make a false move they body on the flo’
f-ckin wit no hoes boy neva been no lame main
aint neva seen no p-ssy n-gg-s scared to throw dem thangs main
crime mob n-gg-s off in this b-tch
break bread records i represent
f-ckin wit them hb n-gg-z you bout to get yo wig split

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