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เนื้อเพลง count raven – children’s holocaust


let me introduce myself, the avenger from the past
this is not a joke at all, from the other side of the grave i call

you both were my parents
you killed me when i was still small
and you reason like all the others
just a piece of cell that’s all

made cosmetics of my placenta
threw away and burned my remains
you use a fine word: abortion
it’s children’s holocaust to me

no morning for the living either
for most children life is a h-ll
they are sacrificed on the altar
for a few b-st-rds wealth

in school they get mistreated
at home beaten and raped
put down and constant defeated
the grown world feeds them with hate

i am the father, i am talking to you
you sodomise my children, stop the things you do

you say tomorrow, leave the past behind
but the sorrow still does remind
and the shadows are closing in
and just because we’ve learned to live with sin
you can’t see me but you feel me
i am coming to set them free
i’ve done this before
the persian empire
the roman empire
and now you
you don’t learn so you must burn
because you sodomise my children
sodomise my children

- เนื้อเพลง count raven