เนื้อเพลง corey smith – a better place


tasha’s got a room at the county shelter
the cops took her there when her mama got hauled away
little brother and her can’t even stay together
she cries each night wondering why it’s gotta be this way

and she says “i wish i was anyone but me”
yeah she’d pack her life in a heartbeat for a little change of scenery

and she keeps looking for a better place
somewhere she can wear a smile upon her face
a home to welcome with a warm embrace
there’s no way to disguise her lonely eyes
looking for a better place

bobby’s doing time in youth detention
pulled a switch blade knife on some boy making fun at school
and all he wanted was a little attention
and a temporary escape from the ridicule
and now he’s in real deep with the freaks and the criminals
and he wonders when his time is up if he’ll know himself at all

and he keeps dreaming of a better place
somewhere he can have a little room to make mistakes
a home to help him wash the past away
oh he don’t need too much, just a little love
in a better place
in a better place

jamie’s got a room in a 3-story brick home
daddy makes a lotta money, mama keeps her laundry clean
and she’s got a $200 abercrombie outfit on
drives a brand new car that she got when she turned 16
still she spends every night getting high with her so-called friends
and she’s dropping hundred dollar bills on quarterbags, says she’s never coming down again

and she keeps looking for a better place
failing to realize how good she’s got it made
her loving home, she don’t appreciate
oh it’s crazy but it’s true, she doesn’t have a clue
she’s living in a better place
in a better place

in a better place
we’re all lookin for a better place

- เนื้อเพลง corey smith