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เนื้อเพลง coptic rain – into the sun


breathing our way
through the same choking mud
that used to be our water
our bread and b-tter
closing to the end
the suffocation even greater in bed
the fright
that used to be our guiding light
and we no longer know if this is real
have we forgotten how it is to feel
please speak to me now
come answer me how
cast away and burn your wretched disguise
be direct and say what’s on your mind
stop killing me
toss out your bravery!
and if our ways would cross
be sure that no one even knows us
and if you gave the look
be sure i read you like an open book
fighting my way
gasping on, yearning to stay away
from this nightmare
step a bit aside
move on
catch what used to be your life
a double edged knife.

- เนื้อเพลง coptic rain