เนื้อเพลง conflict – blind attack


left wing, right wing, you’ve heard it all before
but can you spot the difference when they’re knocking on your door?
and while you’re poncing yourselves up to follow h–rds of sh-t
just remember how it feels to be pushed, punched and kicked

you can’t change nothing with your violence and your hate
do you really think that by smashing heads, you’re gonna change the state?

you talk of people dropping out, but the system just loves you
you stand in line and are counted, now your revolutions through
because the moment that it started, it was arranged, then logged and filed
more of your mates will die now; soon you’ll see them neatly piled

you can’t change nothing with your violence and your hate
do you really think that by smashing heads you’re gonna change your fate
the battlefield is set at margate, and the bloods gonna run so don’t be late

well they can keep that because i don’t want to know
won’t play no part in the mr. muscleman show
won’t be told that i should fight with you
because the real enemy sits back and grins at us too

there’s always people who’ll hate what you say
there’s always people who’ll lock you away
there’s always people with jobs to do
but they’re still fresh and blood like me and you

forced in jobs that they don’t want to know
for monopoly money that’s made to show
taught to compete against the people on the street
down on your knees, don’t you think that’s a treat?

this is planned from early on, when you’re just tiny little mites
squatting in the cl-ssroom, learning how to read and write
hearing all the good things, like how to be polite
what we realise now is that they had control of sight

we were told of gods galore and heroes more
but never of the people who were beaten to the floor
told to admire all leaders great and tall
but never told it was those b-st-rds who made the people crawl

if you look quite deep enough, you’ll see its all a con
a look at past history tells… all government is wrong!

- เนื้อเพลง conflict