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เนื้อเพลง comptons most wanted – final chapter


(ladies and gentlemen
there are 7 acknowledged wonders of the world
you are about to witness the 8th…)

[ verse 1: mc eiht ]
okay, i may not be a historical feature
or better yet meant to as a big public speaker
but when i chill in compton people scream, “there he goes!”
the one who throws, deliver big blows
here to define my name like an era
my serial number is 8, i bring terror
concert halls, crowds that are packed
be sure to bring the tangueray gat
you got the privilege to sit next to me
and then you get jealous, start thinkin you can do me
believe that, punk fool, you must be basin
i make more sequels than my man jason
and when it’s over, you’ll be screamin and dreamin
to be down with the winning team, but
get off the rap tip and sing how you’re caught up in a rapture
this is the final chapter

(hit it)
(compton’s in effect)
(hard city)
(compton’s in effect
everyone is on the bandwagon) –> king tee

(ladies and gentlemen
there are 7 acknowledged wonders of the world
you are about to witness…)
(hit it)

[ verse 2: mc eiht ]
begin part two, up next comes three
and the fourth verse is final from the eiht mc
no time for slip up, but slip laid the beats, so hit it
and if i need double the funk, unknown’ll kick it
you came up short tryin to say you was a scholar
the way you school and clock big dollars
but now you’re lookin like you’re all dried up
bailin through life with pennies in a cup
so tell me now, are you ready for the schoolin?
but you got to know, in the nine-o, who’s rulin
me, the king of swing, but not a swinger
unlike a song but called a rap singer
and when i’m done, you be scared to react
because your conscience is guilty, and your rap is wack
so get off the rap tip before i have to take a step atcha
this is the final chapter

(how y’all feel out there?) –> run
(hear the drummer get wicked) –> chuck d

(you are about to witness the 8th…)

[ verse 3: mc eiht ]
part 3 is here, so let me kick a little more
lyrics i bust, the eiht’ll make another score
his luck is short, because it’s 8 to 0
in a story, i’ll be the villain, you play the hero
slipped off fast with a f-cked up anger
while my fingers round your neck as i commence to strangle
the hip-hop-matic application to the power
is how i keep em pumpin hour after hour
the eiht’s purpose is to explain the ongoing
of how i school suckers and keep the rhythm flowing
all my homies be like starin and cheerin
and when i’m done, they be p-ssin e the beer, and
i might be buzzed, but i’m ready to stick
tryin to say the e’s a sucker, but a sucker gets licked
so get off the rap tip with dreams tryin to make it on vinyl
because this chapter is final

hit it)

(you are about to witness…)

[ verse 4: mc eiht ]
in effect mode, you took the wrong road, so what’s up next?
clown the silly suckers and they hittin the deck
you’re sweatin, you must be hot, so what you got?
no rhymes will come out straight because your brain’s in a knot
you must be crazy if you think you can hit me
the odds of you survivin ain’t no 50/50
not no 60/40, or no 70/30
might be 80 to 20, if your knees get dirty
h-a-r-d is e and tha c
new jack is you ridin the t-i-p
tryin to be down sayin, “yo, what’s up?”
but you’re duckin and suckin, just like a suction cup
c.m.w., kingpin, first rate hero
the eiht is the eiht, tha chill’s a chill, you a zero
so get off the rap tip and go back to bein a drunk wino
because the chapter is final

(hit it)
(compton’s in effect)
(hear the drummer get wicked)
(compton’s in effect)
(hear the drummer get wicked)
(compton’s in effect
everyone is on the bandwagon)
(hear the drummer get wicked)

- เนื้อเพลง comptons most wanted