เนื้อเพลง cold duck complex – painkillers


it’s me, mr. mediocrity
nothing special thought i told you
halfway between contentment and a cup holder
joe average, the reasonably civilized savage
living beyond my means by no means lavish
dead broke, broke dead, even the dead season
they seemed so sure that they were living for a reason
not even a reason to live, the grieving, the give
white lies on yellow pages, believing the fear
but if it helps them sleep soundly then who am i to criticize
every living thing has got its living lies
don’t try to tell me about truth, its blinding
finding god in little places, faith in silver linings
been a miner for a heart of gold, painted cold steel
24 karat arrogance to find in his will
i believe in possibility but not in simple answers
my god will never let me understand her
the salvation’s in the search or is it the church
the truth never hurt so we gave it a word
even if it were an accident it’s not a mistake
making perfectly fraudulent and truthfully fake
the other day i met an addict who called his junk jesus
so he could take the name in vain for all the non-believers
waiting on a corner from a crucifix, its paink!llers

god made man made god made man made god made man made god
god made man made god made man made god made man made god x2

the aggravated agnostic, found faith and lost it
tossed it to the bottom of a wishing well and asked for a (heart/hardship) aw sh-t
here we go smug, cynic, surreal
chasing his tail in a circle seeking something to feel
self-conscious contemplation in the hymn of all hypocrites
i guess it just depends on how you live with it
am i the cat who bust raps with a hand on my nut sack
or the self-righteous preacher with the impact of a thumbtack
hold out for humility, god give me the ability
to tell you when this mother f-cking world is k!lling me
consider me another f-cking crab bottom feeder
big fish little fish, now swallow the leader
sitting at the bus stop, tryna find a dollar
hot and bothered getting kinda hot under the collar
holla holla, at the (wallers) while they p-ssin’ me
rib spinning grinning, with a wink in they eye
ladies thinking they’re fly, i’m sipping drinks and asking why
pacify myself by thinking i’m a victim of my pride
half a breath from self-expression
i don’t know if i want to
sometimes i’m satisfied to -n-lyze your lives and taunt you
smart enough to be critic, but not enough to create
never really had the energy to change the things i hate
didn’t write the book but i read the first chapter
save your salvation, ain’t no time for life after
running last place in a rat race
i’m a lover till i’m left with a bad taste
this is bliss kid
if it seemed a bit pessimistic
you missed it, sitting getting lifted dip sh-t
i write dirty rhymes in dirty rooms with dirty clothes on
sitting in my underwear, with the golden girls on
ego tripping and i can give a sh-t if it’s true
i’ve been up all night, and still i’m looking for you
my paink!ller
where my paink!llers

chorus x2

- เนื้อเพลง cold duck complex