เนื้อเพลง cloven hoof – d.v.r.


spectral rider,
screaming out of h-ll.
challenging all comers,
taken by his spell.

phantom of the highway,
cruise the speed of sound.
speed demon on burning wheels
that never touch the ground.

out of nowhere,
in a blinding flash of light.
till another rides beside him,
to vanish into night.

… look out!

here comes the death valley racer,
the pace is taking it’s toll.
here comes the death valley racer,
he’s out to capture your soul.
… carry you away.

revved up and ready,
now the chaise is on.
roaring to the red line,
like a bullet from a gun.

chequered flag survivor,
the devil drives within.
it’s to the death,
the game is life,
pay the price to win.

there’s more here at stake
than your life for the taking,
breaking too late claim your
posthumous prize.

… you loose!

- เนื้อเพลง cloven hoof