เนื้อเพลง citizen fish – talk about the weather


wind blows strongly in it’s rush to arrive
in your face for as long as you like or hate it
we place ourselves either for or against
and then later on we replicate it
back in the box with the gas masks off
we stare at the blocks through the double glazing
wishing the air was cleaner, aware
of a forecast declaring us crazy – crazy

mindset in concrete headset on loud
to cover the noise and avoiding the crowds
lungs on the run and breathing too fast
no time to talk the air doesn’t last
so back to the edge where the wind hits you hard
this is the reason you get out of the car
but then you feel lost and go back to sitting
inside the car and then back to the city

when the air is polluted – luted, the sun is reputed – puted
to give us all cancer, the rain starts to sting
we get immune to it, hoping/-ssuming it
will somehow get better… you better stay in
you better stay in, you better stay in

now we talk about the weather a whole lot more
running out of conversation and running back indoors
we position our excursions and forget how to explore
until the wind blows strong enough to make us want some more

- เนื้อเพลง citizen fish