เนื้อเพลง cianide – human cesspool


this gift of life bestowed to you,
one which i can take away.
insanity controls my actions and my thoughts,
my instinct is to deliver pain.

watching you die like an animal,
bleeding before me a lifeless toy,
god’s greatest gift i shall destroy.

foul smelling stench of the dead in this human cesspool.

many more will follow you to be piled into this heap.
unhallowed accursed ground, bodily remains, hunks of meat.
slicing through flesh, -rg-smic release, nauseating stench of disease.
putrid home of meaningless sins.


horrible sight, disgusting vision, hidden away from human eyes.
rotting desire, murderous sings, actions are blasphemous.
slice through your flesh, rotting decay sickening death,
pools of blood, chopped heads, shredded flesh, sopping mess.


- เนื้อเพลง cianide