เนื้อเพลง chuuwee – bikini bottom


cookin’ soul!
are ya ready kids?

[verse 1: chuuwee]
blazed like the galleria
inhaling salvia was burnin’ down a pound of reefer
fell asleep watching nicktoons and eatin’ pizza
now hot n’ ready, 5 dollars for the little caesar’s
but that don’t matter, could of swore i woke up floatin’
and not because i’m smokin’
it’s like i’m literally chillin’ in the ocean
started looking around like you gotta be jokin’
my vision all clouded, here’s what happened when i focused
i was standin’ next to mr. krabs
patrick and squidward both kissin’ -ss
tryna get a raise from out the krusty krab
i’m flippin’ patties all the customers is gettin’ mad
movin’ at my quickest pace pardon if it isn’t fast
krabs bust in, he yellin’ talkin’ this n’ that
hit him with a quick jab and threw some patties in the trash
spit it some fries, told squidward stop b-tchin’
n-gga open up the register before the kitchen lid blast
i made off and stuffed the money in my squarepants
police boat sirens in the background, i hit the gas
260 like a maybach, i’m in the dash
grippin’ steerin’ wheels, callin’ sandy tryna get some -ss
gotta make it quick n’ fast
larry the lobster wants to beef i’m finna kick his -ss
and f-ck gary always whinin’ with his kitten half
the cops closing in, but i ain’t waitin’ for this episode to end
i’m highspeedin’ and lane changin’
squeezin’ them thangs still burnin’ trees
rope noose ready to hang plankton
miss. puff got ran down crossin’ the street at a red light
too bad b-tch i hate waitin’
my hands shakin’ they closin’ in
d-mnit, my gas tank empty once again
got to the crib jumped out screamin’ it ain’t nathan
and then i woke up in the hospital veins achin’

[outro: chuuwee]
caught the suds
kids please don’t do drugs, please
this is why i stopped smoking so much

- เนื้อเพลง chuuwee