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เนื้อเพลง chubs – unjust day


the city streets are cleaned w. blood from the night
a 2 way struggle where the oppressed are right
it comes time to be rid of the dark
the day gives it gas and produces the spark
welcome to this state of daylight seduction
from dream to voice to predicted corruption
power is a handicap that begins in the head
applied to reality once harmony now dead
we will not rest till everyone’s free
every person in this world unity
power and control is something that is not for me
lower the bridge and feel for the night
call it abuse they don’t want to fight
we won’t get off your backs cuz we’ve got hope
and we know we’re right
dictated by the sun let moon be the slave
facists in power, they spit on black graves
when one’s ideals are finally put into sight
destroy their politics, bring down the right
the tune is called unity and everyone can sing
let’s stand tall and let it ring
free minds free speech, a cleared up head
freedom won’t be put to rest until the day is dead

- เนื้อเพลง chubs