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เนื้อเพลง christina grimmie – above all that is random 2


“above all that is random 2”

yo! here we are this is sarah on the mic
yeah we’re gettin down tonight,
here we go (here we go)

oh, yeah

ooohhhh, oohh. oowooh. woah.

so i’m sitting in my room today
really not knowing what to do,
not knowing what to say
so i decided to get myself some cheesecake
cause you know, it’s pretty good
then the cheesecake started talking to me
and it was like
“girl, you get up off your b-tt and you go on shoppin’ spree!”
and it said you know what? you know what i think?
you know what i think girl

gooooooo to urban outfitters.

hey sarah can i talk to you?
yeah i guess if you really want to
yeah you know i have this thing in my shoe
want me to get it out for you?

hey sarah why you sitting in my chair-ah?
cause guess what? that’s not fair-ah!

[weird throat noise]

so i was mad, and i was sad
and this is what i decided to say
i said

ooooh, ooohh (what you talking bout?) [x4]

this is what you said:
so i was playing some zelda the other day, you know
then christina walked in and she said she wanted to play with me
but i said “hey girl, hey girl, this is my game!
i’m not letting you in any other way!”
hey hey, no girl, nah nah nah,
it’s mah game, it’s time to play, i’m gonna play it on my

own, it’s my game not your game, it’s mah game [x4]
yo, like sarah.
hey whatcha wanna do today?
because we can’t play zelda cause you stole it from me
and now i’m really mad like you thought i would be
and hey what?

i’m eating your pie
and i stole your urban outfitter gift card

[sarah:] gooooooo to urban outfitters
[christina:] i’m eating your pie
and i stole your urban outfitter gift card

ooooh, ooohh
ooooh, ooohh


- เนื้อเพลง christina grimmie