เนื้อเพลง chris webby – stranger


{-evil laughs-}

i’m a super villain where the f-cks kick -ss?
one kick to the chest will give em whiplash
crack a 6-pack, light a bogie up
twist a bamboo, cause bein’ sober sucks
i’m the dopest young buck with this rap sh-t
crazy mothaf-cker in need of a strait jacket
rap it, grab the track and face bash it
every instrument and the beat will lay in the casket
ha, cause you know i leave em hurt son
on the gr-ssy knoll, sniper rifle nerf gun
you ain’t ready for the crazy sh-t that chris will pull
f-ckin’ despicable, leavin’ every hater miserable
kicked back, so come on and distract
i hit em so hard they can’t help it but sit back
i spit raps amazing
they flip the f-ck out like liam neeson
when his daughter was kidnapped and taken


i’m mentally insane
on more cocaine than rick james
chuggin’ doober while i be drivin’ and switch lanes
this kid’s brains suffer psychosis
runnin’ into oncoming traffic with a helmet and a roach clip
the dope sh-t, that roll, and smoke sh-t
hotter than bein’ on the equator with a coat zipped
get your boat flipped
i leave em capsized
they smell the chronic in the air when i p-ss by
i give em bad vibes
but you know i flow b-tter
gave steve austin the stone cold stunner
i took a shovel out and i buried the undertaker
drop the scissors and attack rock with paper
lord vader mixed with a little darth maul
pedal to the medal til the f-ckin’ car stalls
adderall, ritalin, lsd
i’m meet you up in webby’s world
yo, follow me!


i always got one eye open like a c-ked up cyclops
no time for sleep, not a day that the grind stops
kill a beat when i grab the mic, watch
connect more dots than a bag of dice got
the raps i drop get flipped like ihop
throw more kicks than noob saibot cause i rock
make time stop like the prince of persia
wanted in 47 states lyrical murder
so believe the sh-t, i plead the fifth
after i force feed a bulimic chick swedish fish
i’m an evil pr-ck
with some diesel pits
slaughter any compet-tion that i’m beefin’ with
beatin’ chris? nah, not likely
i whoop my own -ss with a tire iron now come fight me
till god strikes me down, i’ll keep goin’
givin’ satan himself this free promotion
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

- เนื้อเพลง chris webby