เนื้อเพลง chris tomlin – how can i keep from singing


there is an endless song
echoes in my soul
i hear the music ring

and though the storms may come
i am holding on
to the rock i cling

how can i keep from singing your praise
how can i ever say enough
how amazing is your love
how can i keep from shouting your name
i know i am loved by the king
and it makes my heart want to sing

i will lift my eyes
in the darkest night
for i know my savior lives

and i will walk with you
knowing you’ll see me through
and sing the songs you give

i can sing in the troubled times
sing when i win
i can sing when i lose my step
and fall down again
i can sing ’cause you pick me up
sing ’cause you’re there
i can sing ’cause you hear me, lord
when i call to you in prayer
i can sing with my last breath
sing for i know
that i’ll sing with the angels
and the saints around the throne

- เนื้อเพลง chris tomlin