เนื้อเพลง chris cornell – follow my way


little one don’t be a fool,
i’m a wreck when i look mighty.
in euphoria i’m bruised,
in confusion next i’m lightning.
in complacence i am small,
through oblivion i’m charged.

so follow my way,
when i’m not leading anyone.
open and frayed,
when you can see that i’m unsure.
out on my way,
i’m only pure when i get lost,
and you’re only needing when you’re finding that i’m not…

you’re just looking for a boy,
bathed in infrared and sunlight.
i’m all polish and reward,
when i’m confidant i hopeless.
just like everybody else,
right before they fall apart.

[chorus, different from the 1st]
so follow my way,
when i am falling from your heart.
when i’m the pain,
fever and sweet relief in one.
out on my way,
though i’m not worthy of your trust.
follow me down into a swan dive,
all eyes closed tight…

lowly, slowly, now i know i love where you go when you’re gone…
warm your hands inside my veins,
i might be contagious,
through oblivion i charge.

so follow my my way,
when i am useless to your cause.
when i derail,
calm in the patience of remorse.
out on my way,
out on my empty open nerves.
when all you know is that i don’t know where we are.
when all you know is that i don’t know,
follow my way…

- เนื้อเพลง chris cornell