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เนื้อเพลง chilldren of da ghetto – drug lord


as a shorty i always wanted to be a drug lord
when i’m naughty i always claimed to be a drug lord

[1st verse]
back up in junior high
sipping on some gin with my so-called friends
in the cut just gettin high
i wanted to liss so i p-ssed my dip cause a n-gg- wanna drive by
b.b.s.s n-gg-s too quick to pull the triggers an never know who to trust
so i gotta put my things and you try to get some wrack
and be a drug lord
now stackin on my ends
makin little dividends thinkin can i get away
lookin up to the gang bangers and they can’t slang us
but the fella may
cause i rest in peace cause it not deceased
all over this bullsh-t
i having evil visions killing each n-gg- with this wheelie
i gotta leave it alone if i wanna get grow
but with lynches on my mind
invading my privacy
its just a wheeze an you push me to use my nine
now he’s gone an dead an i got the feds to the rolling know my back
nowhere to run
revenge is a b-tch cause these hoes wanna get me


[2nd verse]
i smoke up a blunt to let my motherf-cking day just ease by
i gotta go to the crib an explain to my mother why i’m gettin high
its self-explanatory i’m black an i’m under pressure
so come on my nine to feel what the motherf-cking test ya
but it ain’t no b-tch when its getting angry cause its letting loose
motherf-ckers better run an hide before they die
cause i might be buckin that shoot
the only way you can make it you come an you take it
an ask for real n-gg-s
like me smokin on the sack of weed
with my hand on the f-ckin trigger
cause fullin our trigger on the bronk -rs-
n-gg- just ain’t no d-mn thing
i shooting again to brain
when i what and hang living life in the fast lane
it’s hard as h-ll when you tryin to make you got this jealous -rs- b-tch
better watch your back
fo they up their gat
and it leave your sh-t split


[3rd verse]
hallucinating homicides
now its time to ride my n-gg- that just not die
and i’m tryin to understand why the f-ck did you let that bullet fire
n-gg- left so spank me
in the cut can’t even give em no money
gotta get made comin on up
an now touch stone bone straight stop
cause a mob didn’t wanna pick me up now why gotta go and stick up
pick up for a lickin hit up f-ck dawn when i let my itchy ball
i’m dressed up
now the young roll tall motherf-cker comin up in nine five
an the germs gettin rich
i’m all where to hit turning off game out to survive
everybody gotta go
took a walk through the do
an’ it’s just fact that i know
when it should’ve been me runnin the chevvy
just tellin em d-ck sell out choke
now you know these n-gg-s tryin to get so god d-mn hard in this game
where world the game where my n-gg- name main
i roll put a choke to the brain


- เนื้อเพลง chilldren of da ghetto