เนื้อเพลง chaundon – push up


[verse one]
listen lady i don’t mean no harm
i’mma hit you with the charm and sn-tch you off of homeboy arm
he at the bar frontin’, poppin’ all the dom
play it cool and put my phone number in your palm
pardon my approach if i’m comin’ on too strong
if your man’s that smart he won’t be gone too long
we got a little time left, every moment is precious
glancin’ at your toes, i got a little foot fetish
huh, i’d like to see you, touch you and tease you
i got more invisible ways for me to please you
you lookin’ good tonight, so what’s lookin’ good tonight?
if you down i can slide up in your hood tonight
no disrespect, i ain’t sayin’ you a one night
but we can make it last to the rise of the sunlight
let’s get this thing poppin’
don’t look now, i think i see your man watchin’

[verse two]
“d-mn girl what’s your name?”
“who you here with?”
“my girl antwonette.”
“oh word?”
“who you here with?”
“oh, my man from outta town he got an eye on your friend
y’all smoke?”
“no doubt.”
“we got some lah in the benz.”
“i’m sayin’, what’s your name?”
“chaundon the backtwister”
“why they call you that?”
“you need to find out sister
you really can’t blame me, them jeans fit you perfect
blouse and no bra.”
“yeah i know how to work it.”
“what’s good?”
“i don’t know if it’s right.”
“c’mon girl, we both grown, ain’t nothin’ wrong with us cuttin’ on the first night.”
“i feel you.”
“well are you ridin’ or what?
feel this rap n-gga wanna get all up in your guts.”
“chaundon you nasty.”
“whatever girl it works
grab your girl and your purse and proceed to disperse. okay?”

[verse three]
if she’s a dime, push up on her
a nine, push up on her
an eight with some bangin’ -ss traits, push up on her
got her own crib, no kids, push up on her
no ring on her left hand, push up on her
she got a cute team, put your mans on
and slide off and get your grown man on
buy a drink or two
maybe three or four
if she playin’ hard to get, then she like you more
get your dance on
go head and two step
you know she like the way you move with her cute self
now lay your game down
get her interested
make her laugh, make her smile, whatever gets you in
don’t mess it up now, by sayin’ somethin’ sl!ck
cause she’ll be quick to leave you standin’ there lookin’ sick
grab her by the hand and look her in the face
if you pushed up correctly she ’bout to see your place

- เนื้อเพลง chaundon