เนื้อเพลง chaotica – alone in the crowd


everything is broken
nothing here is real
all the world
is fractured
and there’s no chance
to heal
drowning in the sorrow of
self-destructive dreams
hopefully tomorrow
things aren’t
as they seem

am i the only one
alive out here?
can someone lend a
sympathetic ear?
am i alone?
or have i disappeared?
are you all
just too proud?
or do i have to
shout out loud?
am i alone?
alone in the crowd?

i know that
you can see me
’cause i saw you
look away
so why do you ignore me
when i’ve got
something to say?
you think that
you’re so sly
and clever
while you wait
for me to fall
but just as i approach
your high horse
there’s no one there
at all

- เนื้อเพลง chaotica