เนื้อเพลง chamillionaire – next flight up


“next flight up”

if we ever come back down we gon catch the next flight up
if we ever come back down we gon catch the next flight up
if we ever come back down we gon catch the next flight up
if we ever come back down but we’ll never come down

alright i’m headed back to brazil to show em how to stay paid
money never funny so no need to add a h a
never call me h a keem ya know ya can’t say
that ya knew my brother or other before the 8th grade
ya’ll be with drama like your hanging out with kayslay
or the affiliate down in the a that make the tapes play
internet thugs counting the computers they spray
we in the atlantis going swimming for the 8th day
not the atlantic ocean, the atlantis hotel
ask reception about me, they’ll say they know me well
living like a king baby you gon have ta show yourself
take of the veil a fetish for tugging pony tails
let’s chase money call me you know i know the trail
try to get it without me and you gon probly fail
why fly if it ain’t no wi-fi and no emails
and the lobster bucket where you can throw the sh-lls
yea, we both exchanged shots on twitter
difference between me n’ you is you not in villas
told me i’m to die for but i’m not goin kill her
but if she look like a rihanna how i’m not going hit her
ha ha, nah i’m just playing nah i’m just joking round
how i’m sounding right now is how i’m supposed to sound
you would think i was playing poker how
money doesn’t fold at stacking it i’m the poster child
how does it feel talking tough right at your own face
staring in a mirror realising that ya gold fake
tryna get waves brush your hair n’ seeing snowflakes
only date you ever had is one you had to post date
go lick a stamp and tell your tramp i’m feeling that
i’m a get her damp and use the stamp to send her back
can’t say nothing i ever said was never fact
ya’ll stink i listen and smell a scent of whack
you tryna figure out which chick i’m a take out
we eatin pretty good we don’t ever get takeout
while you all on the d-ck looking at media takeout
i’m on a stakeout in a brazilian steak house
you know it’s not a game when ya see what i be left with
put it in my left fist and stack it like it’s tetris
freshness abroad and domestic
guess it’s why i’m never x’d off a guest list
let’s wish that ya’ll knew how to get chips
and let’s wish that ya’ll were this impressive
let’s switch cause ya’ll hop on the next d-ck
be on so many d-cks i bet ya could probly sweat p-ss
they got em and your a hater and a urinator
sick of me balling i’m sorry there’s not a cure for paper
i’m sorry i’m headed to jamaica
to get em wet when that’s something you take em to the lake for


hmmmmm never come down
never come down
never come dowwwwwwn
never come down

- เนื้อเพลง chamillionaire