เนื้อเพลง cephalic carnage – global overhaul device


my life was too absurd, the way that i tainted everything
it was never meant to be, i was impervious
as i write these words, and repent, it’s my fault
today vestige is upon us, amongst us
reflecting on my past, the things i could have done
one selfless act, now it’s good for none
this machine has turned against us, the apocalypse it has sent
apologies will do no good, infinity has reached it’s end
today it’s gone it’s over
it first started when i first seeded the clouds
i slit the sky and the rain bled down
i danced with pride
this was the greatest day of my life
developing away to aggrandize the weather
i soon could make snow, a frozen storm
in mountains depleted from the sun
my greatest accomplishment came to fruition
i reversed global warming
i was feared then loved by all
i was the most powerful man alive
and nature bowed to me
i cured the world of it’s climate needs
the vatican ostracized me
rendered a false prophet, the anti-christ
fighting back with crippling storms
the weather machine triumphs once more
triggering the third world war
destroying the g.o.d.
24 months to live
that time has p-ssed, today is the day

- เนื้อเพลง cephalic carnage