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เนื้อเพลง catie curtis – mine fields (from years to hours)


i come home, don’t know where you are
you must be working pretty hard
i feed the cat half a can of food
and i sit at the table and wait for you
i don’t like doubting that this old love will hold
but i have my moments when i’m just waiting for it to explode
oh, no good deals in these mine fields today
it don’t matter how i walk, i could get blown away
underneath the soil and the flowers
i can hear a ticking down from years to hours
there’s not a lot of air in this third-floor flat
you want to go outside, you want to get some back
you have said that you cannot breathe
when you’re caught up inside here with no reprieve
i have been trying not to hold you to your lines
but i feel you leaning out more all the time
“forever” is a word i leave on the shelf
i don’t want history to repeat itself
so i take it night by night
and i try not to hold you too tight
and i have been dancing up and down the words
trying to find out why things are not the way they were.

- เนื้อเพลง catie curtis