เนื้อเพลง catharsis – towards the acme


diary i kept on days of
fiery love was a kind of
donory thing after my

really my illness cause was
loneliness. since i met my
fairy i didn’t have to

happily i wrote about my
wintry past left behind and
fondly -ssurance… to live’s

no need i felt to feed a
greed for sadness. and
indeed it helped to sow the
lucky seed

excelsior! i fly higher! i love her!
i do adore her more and more!
excelsior! i fly higher! yes, i am her’s!
i really love her more and more!

early it was made start on
folly which lied in it. and
blindly i went ahead, lived

and deed to change the course
was a feat. the right way’s chosen
me to lead and melancholy
to forbid

really my illness cause was
loneliness. harry to be
free of chains, become a


- เนื้อเพลง catharsis