เนื้อเพลง cast – break


we keep going
don’t stop running
they keep selling
we don’t want it
so close to it
almost found a way

two steps closer
they keep coming
we keep yelling
“we don’t want it!”
almost better
this thing’s bound to break

[verse intro: cast]
(i’m pushing the b-tton to the destruction of this system)

[verse 1: cast]
and plenty of people claiming that i can’t go the distance
but blessed with a set of gifts as if my whole life was christmas
others claiming dope -ss rappers and they claim they booty clappers
really they’re just p-n-s fappers, not even a dope track lapper
but cast, see that man there is a lyrical phenom
a mastermind who’s fast to find the last and blind, he’s keen on
his raps. define a blast of rhymes i’ll catechize till we know
the faster -ss who’s -ss could rap who’s ego stays like knee low?
illo records, castillo’s steelo is on that next level
my voice exploits the beat and rocks between b-ss and treble
high above like stilettos, pulling strings, mr. geppetto
i’m a leader, others break fast, call that leggo my eggo
till the break of dawn, i’m breaking songs, breaking fast, breaking long
claiming that they right? i’ll leave none left to show them that they’re wrong
good bye, your flow is elementary
you don’t know how to rock b-tch, you aren’t sedimentary


[verse intro: cast]
(they call me igneous, it’s hot whenever i rock)

[verse 2: cast]
and see, if talent is the key, then just show me the lock
people loving, bunnies bugging like (eh what’s up doc?)
my sh-t is out of this world like astronauts, leaving you shook with aftershock
king of castles like camelot, you stay sleeping like asher roth
cast, amongst the people, commonly known as jc
here to bring some realization to life in actuality
chasing the dream? this isn’t a race, you already know who’s in first place
the dream is eating my dust and smelling my sweat up in its face
a team’s behind me, illo records will prevail
rhymes derive from the heart, there’s no way i could fail
lyrical fission, here to break straight with my bars
breakthrough, bring the truth, and break lies about these fancy cars
break dance, break beats, and bring the brakes to all the fake
(and leave them like leaves, call me the musical rake)
here to destroy, leaving no trace of a single thing
and after that, i’m here to create something amazing


just let the b-ssline ride out…
we’re taking everything
slapped together. cast
you did it man

ayo cast, i’mma let you record the rest of the album, but would you stop being such a dramatic p-ssy?

- เนื้อเพลง cast