เนื้อเพลง cassie steele – check it


“check it”

everything you say to me melts into my body
boys like liquid ecstasy driving down into the city
yet, no one’s bugging me
i’m used to sleeping with my steve’s
been broken up for weeks
i need someone to fill the sheets

check it, ahh
you are something that i like
babe i’ll take you somewhere nice
drink your wine, i’ll drink my wine
yes, you’ll be falling while i’m balling
ain’t no specimen like you
person with his virgin juice
i’ll take you out to meet my crew
be your baller, be my beau

the tension drips from every pulse
draining to my lady shelf
from all the others i match up
consider yourself lucky boy
let your lady buy you things
cars and suits and diamond rings
after all my spoiling
to give you love on every string
you know what’s bugging me?
this relationship’s empty
i wanted something deep
until you sold your soul to me

check it, ow!
you’re like every super dime
ain’t been real since ’59
drink your champagne, i’ll drink wine
spend my money ’till you love me
ain’t no specimen like you
drink my juice ’till i turn prune
ain’t got money left for you
i need you to support me beau

you don’t pay, of course i’ll stay
you got out with your own guys
you can play your halo thread
you’ll be wearing what i’m tearing
i did it once and i’ll do it twice
i will destroy what is your life
everything you have i’ll buy
ain’t gonna work, you’ll just look nice

no one’s bugging me
i need someone with gifts for me
i wait, sometimes lonely
until i find my policies

check it
you are something that i like
show me things that make me right
don’t need a drink just hold me tight
i’ll feel lonely ’till you phone me
i can’t wait to see your face
take me to our secret place
show me love that isn’t fake
i’ll be your lady, be my baby

you are something that i like
your goals inspire my life
make me better, make me right
i’ll feel crazy ’till you make me
i can’t wait to touch your face
take me to our secret place
ain’t no problem, feel the way
i feel lovely with my baby

ah, ah
check it, check it, ah

- เนื้อเพลง cassie steele