เนื้อเพลง calvin richardson – there goes my baby


[verse 1:]
i was rollin’ in my car when i pulled up at the mall
couldn’t find a place to park i threw my keys to valet
i was only there to hang wasn’t lookin’ for a thang
i was just about to bounce and then i saw miss lady (and i said to myself)

there goes my baby
there goes my destiny only is one for me i call my baby
there goes my lady
she gon’ be the one, we gon’ fall in love, we gonna have some babies

[verse 2:]
she was comin’ out the shoe store pretty little thing
a couple of bags in her hand right in front of macy’s (that’s where all the pretty girls hang)
then i saw her at the food court sippin’ lemonade
conversating on her cell phone lookin’ so amazing… and i said to myself


[verse 3:]
she gon’ wear my ring, she gon’ take my name
take her to the cookout, me and her gon’ hang
take her my mama house me pookie and them
if she need her hair done see my cousin kim
i’ll treat her like a queen, give her everything
she will be my girl til we’re old and grey
and i knew it from the moment that i saw her lovely lovely (smile…)


yo yo excuse me, excuse me, can i talk to you for a second umm
you see um, i don’t wana scare you away and i know this is gonna sound crazy to you
but um i’ve been watchin’ you for a little bit you know i’ve been
jus hangin’ around up in here in the mall jus to get a chance to meet you umm
i feel like you my soulmate you know and i know that sounds crazy but girl
there comes a time in a man’s life when he needs a wife
and um i jus feel like you the one you know i’m not trying to scare you away
when i first laid eyes on you i said “d-mn, we can have some babies”
i know that sound crazy and sound a little forward but when i first laid eyes on you i was like “hmmm hmm hmm”
listen i say it to myself i say this (there she goes, there she goes, there she goes, there she goes yeah)


- เนื้อเพลง calvin richardson