เนื้อเพลง burning the day – mute


so die for me
i’m so in need
and i don’t believe
that this i’ll receive
and here we are
standing far
i walk alone
for this i roam
so banish me
from all you see
so comforting
and denying
so now we fall
one and all
so bring to my face that i’m lost in the place
and i’m stranded here with a never ending heartache

i want
i feel
why can’t you give me something real
you could
break me
fall into pieces on my knees

so tell it to my face your a f~cking disgrace
and i’m standing here with a nevеr ending mistake
so we walk
no, you will nеver be around
waiting, waiting for the same old sound
for this you will never come out
i’ll wait for you

- เนื้อเพลง burning the day