เนื้อเพลง burning the day – beirut


so we are chosen
sh~lls in hand you cannot stop me
for we are losing
the meaning behind what makes us bleed
so march together
and die for a cause that you don’t even know
and fall forever
holding the flag that you have been shown

so wait for the end
and we will never be the same
no way to mend
and they will never try to change
one life to lend
for this you only see one way
so wait for the end

so pop your clip in
and start to shoot in a f~cking line
their souls arе splitting
but don’t you fret …we’ll all be finе
for this is freedom
the great , the white, we all stand strong
in a blood soaked kingdom
there’s red on your hands, but you did no wrong

- เนื้อเพลง burning the day