เนื้อเพลง bruce springsteen – freehold


i was born right here on randolph street in freeholdhere right behind that big red maple in freeholdwell, i went to school right heregot laid and had my first beerin freeholdwell, my folks always lived and worked right here in freeholdi remember running up the street, past the condo to the church here infreeholdchase my daddy down in these barsfirst fell in love with this guitarhere in freholdwell, i had my first kiss at the ymca canteen on a friday nightmaria espenoza tell me where are you tonight? you were 13 but way ahead of your timei walked home with a limb but i felt finethat night in freeholdwell, the girls at freehold regional they looked pretty fineand my heart broke at least half a dozen timesi wonder if they miss me, they still get the itchwould they have dumped me if they knew i’d strike a bridge? straight out of freeholdwell, tex, rest in peace, and marion gave us kids a hand in freeholdgeorge and me started up a little rock and roll band in freeholdwell, we learned pretty quick how to rocki’ll never forget the feeling of that first 5 bucks in my pocketthat i earned in freeholdwell, i got outta here really hard and fast in freeholdeverybody wanted to kick my -ss back there in freeholdwell, if you were different, black or brownit was a bit of a redneck townback then in freeholdwell, something broke my daddy’s back in freeholdin ’69 he left and he never come back to freehold’cept once he drove from california, 3000 miles in three dayscalled my relatives some dirty namesand pulled straight out of freeholdmy sister had her first little baby at 17 in freeholdwell people they can be pretty meanhoney, you had a rough road to go, but you ain’t made of nothin’ but souli love you more than you’ll ever knowwe both survived freeholdwell, my buddy mike, well, he’s the mayor now in freeholdi remember when we used to have a lot more hair in freeholdwell, i left and swore i’d never walk these streets again, jacktonight all i can say is holy sh-t, i’m back!back in freeholdwell, this summer everything was green in freeholdrode my kids on the fire engine through the streets of freeholdi showed ’em where their dad was born and raisedand first felt the sun on his facethere in freeholdwell, i still got a lot of good friends right here in towni can usually find me a free beer somewherewith offers of free meals i am blessedshould i go crazy, blow all my money and ruin my life, well, at least i’llnever go hungry i guesshere in freeholdwell, i got a good catholic education here in freeholdled to an awful lot of masturbation here in freeholdfather, it was just something i did for a smileh-ll, i still get a good one off once in a whileand dedicate it to freeholddon’t get me wrong, i ain’t puttin’ anybody downh-ll, in the end it all just goes and comes aroundit’s one h-ll of a town, freehold!

- เนื้อเพลง bruce springsteen