เนื้อเพลง bruce springsteen – a good man is hard to find


it’s cloudy out in pittsburghit’s rainin’ in saigonsnow’s fallin’ all across the michigan linewell she sits by the light of her christmas treewith the radio softly onthinkin’ how a good man is so hard to findwell once she had a fellaonce she was somebody’s girland she gave all she had that one last timenow there’s a little girl asleep in the back roomshe’s gonna have to tell about the meanness in this worldand how a good man is so hard to findwell there’s pictures on the table by her bedhim in his dress greens and her in her wedding whiteshe remembers how the world was the day he leftand now how that world is deadand a good man is so hard to findshe got no time now for casanovasyeah those days are goneshe don’t want that anymore, she’s made up her mindjust somebody to hold heras the night gets onwhen a good man is so hard to findwell she shuts off the tvand without a wordinto bed she climbswell she thinks how it was all so wastedand how expendable their dreams all werewhen a good man was so hard to findwell it’s cloudy out in pittsburgh

- เนื้อเพลง bruce springsteen