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เนื้อเพลง brotha lynch hung – anotha killin’


“anotha killin'”
(feat. snoop dogg & tha dogg pound)

it’s me and snoop dogg, kurupt and daz, n-gg-
(another killing)
it’s another motherf-cking killing, n-gg-
it’s another killing
we had to put this together, (another killing)
just had to be

[snoop dogg]
they layed one of my homies down; two of my enemies
i grab the heat and creep up the street and squeeze
i’m in your neighborhood, so what the f-ck is up?
and if i catch you i’ma pop you, n-gg- that’s whats up!
we can talk about it, no, i don’t think so
and i’ma catch you when your creeping with that pink toe
you trying to creep up out that mink store, get you a drink
so when i hit you, you won’t even trip to think so
cross your heart, double dot your eyes
yellow tape you, make you a homicide
stretch you out like a red bind
halloween, is your dead line, beddy bed time
i zag your zig, i put a fork in the pig
i c-ck the glock and pop you my n-gg-, you dig?
i open you up and leave you leaking by the face
and get away ain’t got no time to be catching no case
too slick to sly plus i’m too high
i’m too fly and i do die, i do die
i love to shoot an intruder, i mix the purp with the budda
love tricking a beotch like the homeboy luda’
big snoopy d-o-dub, i’ma killa cuz
i’m draped up like a steela of gorilla (dub)
sacramento knows, pedal to the floo’
anotha killing for realer, n-gg- let it go

we on the corner a hundred (deep), blue rag the f-ck up
and word on the street they got blast the f-ck up
now it’s feuding and shooting and i’m running your life
i’m in it for the stripes, n-gg- don’t f-ck up tonight
bandana, banana-clips, ready to trip
you n-gg-s is -ssed out, see you better not trip
i see some buster -ss n-gg-s at the bus stop out of bound
we bang the gang bang them n-gg-s from the dogg pound
trap ’em rock ’em and stop ’em we mashing
everytime we see you n-gg-s we clashing
d.p.g down with 24th street
sickmade n-gg- down with them 21st g’s
(motherf-cker) brotha lynch hung my motherf-cking n-gg-

listen to me
one for the flame, and two for the trigga
and three of these hollow point teflons n-gg-
when i came in this motherf-cker i had a plan
i’ll sock all you motherf-ckers where you stand
i’m gang banged out, riders on a mission
you can catch fades, n-gg- f-ck the pistols
piranhas is loose in the septic tank
we do what you can’t, i am what you ain’t
don’t even try to provoke me cuz
looking, smoking, slipping, smoke me cuz
i’ll beat your -ss on the low so fast
bang on your homies, spread through your hood
release these toxins like mustard gas
scr-pe the chevrolet, it’s all to the good
my n-gg- brotha lynch, kurupt, snoop and daz

[brotha lynch hung]
n-gg- this is g block, trust me
dump on any n-gg- with the rusty old trusty
sacramento yes, catch him in the chest
right by his tour bus left a bl–dy mess, yes
pupils none a cuddy left
coathanga strangled him, aimed at him
he don’t know what angle i’m coming from
tangled him, spiderwebs all over his cranium
(that n-gg- has spiderwebs all over his cranium, n-gg-)
me and crooked i know, n-gg-s be talking too much
n-gg- shut your pie hole, everybody know you do suck
this ain’t a reality show, hungry n-gg-s do touch
mothaf-ckas two clutch, giving n-gg-s who cuss
i got an army of n-gg-s i’m “strange” it ain’t a rumor
we giving n-gg-s brain tumors, hit ’em with the luger
i’m doing the rapping and this n-gg- is the shooter
‘yay got a mask on but n-gg- he’s a shooter
you’ll never see his face on a computer
spiderman jr. oklahoma chewmer
poke a hoe with two cuts
this motherf-cker said he about to do what?
get chewed up, its dinner and a mova’ (movie)
deuce-four, n-gg-

- เนื้อเพลง brotha lynch hung