เนื้อเพลง breeton boi – hashiras!


giyu tomioka (aerial ace):
the world a deck that’s stacked against me, i still get you flushed
leave a crowd dead calm, they froze, i’m too clutch
o’s steady got me dripping, that’s my constant flux
now b~tches drop and shake like ripples, them curves i might thrust
don’t try my trust or i’m gon have to whip out the steel
my choppa a demon, the way it looks at you, it’s a meal
too clean with the form, these rounds soak em like water wheels
this the hashira pillar wave, you know we suited to k!ll for real

mitsuri kanroji (halacg):
the hashira of love, won’t give up in the facе of demons
no i’ll never back down, can’t bе stopped, i won’t be beaten
like a whip, there’s no mercy, i’m too quick, too strong and curvy
i love all that is good and the monsters? they’re nothing to me
i will not die, won’t stop trying to find a man
i won’t waste time with lies, i fight with honesty, i plan
to wrap this up quick, you’ll pay for those you’ve devoured
overpowered, you won’t survive, love breathing third form, cat love shower

obanai iguro (ham sandwich):
obanai snake pillar, movin’ in the shadows
if a demon cross paths i’mma leave ’em in the stratos
steady posted in the trees, why these n’ggas wanna battle me
i’m baffled, these snake shapeshift like infinity castle
until i call the fifth form the blade bends and their flesh rends
but a thousand bodies not enough to make amends
my bloodline is tainted so i don’t look towards making friends
my home is on the battlefield where one day i should meet my end
muichiro tokito (connor quest):
my thoughts are up skyward, head it be in the clouds
but when i come back to earth you’ll be dead laid on the ground
shifting my form, the mist slowly surround
see this fog of war is the scenery for your burial now
octuple entendres, eight layers
can’t handle, just a measly shred of my game so they hate players
exhale, breath stale tear them up like paper
though expression may be vacant, concentration never wavers

kyojuro rengoku (iamchriscraig):
i arrive and then i’m burning my competition to ashes
the fire, it desires to contemplate for your actions
implying, don’t inquire or else it be getting tragic
i up and breath flames, you awoken the sleepin’ dragon
i’m a heatwave, the same k!ller aka the flame pillar
turn you into cinders if you try to test the game, b~tches
aim for your brain with the stainless and then we lane switching
kyojuro rengoku, you shall remember the name, train

gyomei himejima (diggz da prophecy):
like a window cuz i see it clear as day and i don’t play
in my mind is the vision, here to slay without a blade
and calm as the monk so you better lead the way
and don’t be fooled by the tears cause your body upper rank
i got the stone skin and you better be elite or else you won’t win
this demon mark a get awakened when i zone in
f~ck them kids, hashira and we some grown men
i’m off the chain, i get to swinging look i’m going in
shin0bu kocho (savvy hyuga):
all i’m seeing is red, let my blade be my guide
i’m not taking your head, i’mma th~rn in your side
we ain’t breaking no bread, pillars reigns from the sky
coming in, watch ’em shred, all it took was a stride
i’m taking names with a toxic substance
overdose form exotic justice
see them fall, so precious
taken down by a brod that’s luscious
i can flutter or dance, you never stood a chance
by the way that i move see em got you in a trance
sweetheart don’t blink, i’ll be gone in a glance
no judge no jury, you can pay in advance
see it in my eyes i’m a little s~d~stic
pleading on your knees like “nah you can’t fix this”
sh~t for your lips
every point was a miss
step back, swing dem hips
all i needed was the tip

tengen uzui (shwabadi):
tengen topped ’em, i spit heads like i’m tengen toppa
cold steel, fitted gold wheels just to flex the choppers
show stopper, dripped out like i’m turning faucets
so fly like shin0bu riding a helicopter
oh god i’m k!lling the fashion game, bet
i came to slay so yas queen we making bread
so iced out with the gems on my veiled head
it’s lights out, put ’em all in the grave dead
sanemi shinazugawa (breeton boi):
to bring a demon in front of me is a felony
i’m known to take shots in the box like it’s a penalty
what you don’t want is sanemi as your new enemy
and if you don’t get that through your head then that’s where the metal be
i got that wind breathing what i use to dispose of these demons
i could use any form and i won’t be beaten
keep scars on me, get blasted once and you’ll need healing
thinking you can take on the hashira? you can keep dreaming uh

- เนื้อเพลง breeton boi