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เนื้อเพลง bone thugs n harmony – die die die


[bizzy bone (whispering)]
shut up n-gg-… shut the f-ck up n-gg-
here they come… here they come
here they come n-gg-… duck down n-gg- duck down
[dogs barking]
there they are
sh-t.come on n-gg- come on
n-gg- run for it n-gg- make.
freeze motherf-cker!

[bizzy bone]
i’m lil’ ripsta, im…
[krayzie bone]
leather face comin’ to kill them at night
die die die
so we buck them studio thugstas i’m…
willing and ready to ride

[krayzie bone]
i pop pop droppin’ them n-gg-s with the glock gun
n-gg-, you best start run, duckin’ the shotgun
leavin’ ’em up off my block stunned
one eighty seven lesson and we done told ya
you f-ckin’ with bone you better believe we livin’ like soldiers
we lovin’ that thugsta sh-t so n-gg- just throw your pumps in the air
then you pump pump put one in a coppa like ya just don’t care
you don’t wanna f-ck with you don’t wanna buck with a realer n-gg-
better check my m-n-script
drugdealer, killa, cabbage peeler
thug with lil’ ripsta number one with the gun come come get some
senseless killa fifth dog and posse run get gone
f-ck with the bone four n-gg-s strong leave ’em alone til’ it be on
krayzie put on one in your dome
and n-gg- be thinkin’ i’m wrong so go on
cause n-gg- the sawed-off ain’t full of sh-t
me lovin’ to smoke tweed and me weed man
they givin’ me what me need man when i light my blunt
fold the n-gg-s up in me hood so when we smoke smoke smoke
get paid good so we gonna blaze good
so come to the land where all the thugs be real
them st. claire n-gg-s they ain’t no joke
so catch a slug or chill n-gg-


lie down with your hands behind your back
[gun being c-cked]
[bizzy bone]
naw b-tch you lie your funky -ss on the
[news reporter]
this seemingly routine investigation
had become a horrible nightmare.

running with gats and bats
so n-gg- don’t test rest or you get a peeled cap
pap pap that pump better check that gun
for a n-gg- done get that skull cracked
lil’ rip done rolled up
the bigger the n-gg- the quicker get showed up
let’s swerve to the birds set up a hold up
so many bodies me blowed up
nuts bucks and guts n-gg- mistakin’ them b-lls for dogs
all n-gg-s’ll get mauled no thing to pick up a pump
and people know ya and never hold ya especially when them rolls up
bet i bringin’ in them guns run a thug get low down
you don’t wanna get nutted cause’ n-gg- you gonna get bl–dy
once you see the braids and skully
cuttin’ that throat when i’m rippin’ up somethin’ lovely
what is it in ya? deep in the dead when we get fried
pod when i comes to ride
creep but you sleep and then fall in the night
once inside forgettin’ about remorse your curse will ride
cry now when you’re ready to lie down
when i’m weak in a mental state
somebody gonna die now

meanwhile swerve to the burbs

[witness 1]
man he just all of a sudden just jumped out of a window
i didn’t know what was goin’ on i’m just walkin’ by
just got a bottle of wine.
i was just walkin’ by
and all i seen was him jump when that lady yelled
(and that was it.) i don’t know?
[witness 2]
well i saw his wife begging him
and she said “don’t jump” and he did
[reporter 2]
did you know the guy?
[witness 3]
he sure had a problem
that’s all i could tell ya
[witness 4]
all i seen was them put the lady in a police car
and take her i guess it was his wife

- เนื้อเพลง bone thugs n harmony