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เนื้อเพลง blood – the last words


gather around so i can tell you
what will happen to you in days to come
first you must paint all in black
and pay with eyes
look out for his plans
they don’t end with one mans death
some guys are climaxed in the ministry of jesus
you have betrayed and murdered the righteous ones
no, beware of this words
full of holy spirit
look up to heaven and see
the glory of god
and jesus standing at hid right hand
don’t follow their last words in the face of death
while they were stoned him he prayed
lord jesus, receive my spirit
then he fall asleep
the hope of eternal life
isn’t only tied to the one person of jesus christ
he’s crucified maggot mealed corpse
sacrified in the first chapter
of satanic ceremonies

- เนื้อเพลง blood