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เนื้อเพลง blood divine – heart of ebony


alone, but for your celeste
at your reverent feet, i rest
and plead forgiveness

i face the blinding sun
and ask for my last rites
oh, celeste… forgive me

to bathe in your milky red radiance
like a god
illuminates, enraptures, captivates

the grey clouds are shedding tears
oh, how they weep
i share their grief, and so do you
i know… and you know

it is clear the storms are everlasting

and forever…
the unspoken heart of ebony
the unbroken heart of ebony
the undying heart of ebony…

seems to beat not for me

oh, woe…
the grey clouds cast a shadow overhead
the last sunset, your fall i dread

on bruised and bended knees
i throw my hands to my face
and i tear shreds of skin away, in vain

forgive me.

- เนื้อเพลง blood divine