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เนื้อเพลง blind guardian – time what is time


when the moonchild is crying
and silence has broken
the darkest truth

the things she remembered
had never been her own
replicant or human
i know the way to show
what do i see
what will i find
know the answer inside
it’s your last step

time what is time
i wish i knew how to tell you why
it hurts to know
aren’t we machines
time what is time
unlock the door
and see the truth
then time is time again

these dreams were never mine
it’s cold inside
it’s gone forever
the things he saw
who can say what’s wrong or right
the vision of a free life
his eyes had seen it all
for what
he’s asking
the vision, vision, vision
i know it’s all a lie
i’ll remember his past life
and i’ll remember time

what did i see
what have i done
god i knew the answers
when he felt so tired

time what is time
come lock the door don’t let me in
i am the one your destiny
time what is time
reality – it hurts me so
when time is time again


look into my eyes
feel the fear just for a while
i’m a replicant and i love to live
is it all over now
only these years
i’ll leave but i’m singing

time what is time
he saw it clearly it’s too late
it does not heal but it lets us forget
time what is time
we’ll never know
so don’t take care
then time is time again

should i forget
the way i feel
god he knows how long i tried
feel there is no reason to cry
i live my life
in fortune dreams forever

- เนื้อเพลง blind guardian