เนื้อเพลง blind ambitions – silver and gold


we have been manipulated since day one “buy this buy that, you f-cking need this”
our heads rewired to want more and more, materialistic sheep unaware of our fleece
we are disconnected
the world got too big for us to care
our hearts grew small and we discovered greed and now we fill our lives with objects we don’t need
so we take and we take and give nothing back to a world that can’t withstand much more
herded into thinking that what we own defines who we are
chained down in gold and silver- luxuries with no purpose- but to keep us feeling incomplete
i refuse to be repressed by what i possess
i won’t be
we won’t be defined by our wealth
we won’t be clouded by material gain
we won’t be coerced into indifference
we won’t be the ones to seek fortune over love

- เนื้อเพลง blind ambitions