เนื้อเพลง blckkiddcpt – woke


this ain’t a game but my n~gga i’m 1up
we ball undercover
said this is my summer

you gotta stay woke
their acts are malicious
watch out for snakes
don’t be fooled by appearances

what good is a new pair of adidas
if we too hungry to run from the things that k!ll us
paranoid said i feel the demons creeping
don’t got time to sleep
they’ll k!ll you while you’re dreaming

said mama i’m sorry
obviously not the life that you wanted for me
making music and blowing trees
just to lift up my self esteem
i couldn’t trust em
so i had to let go of my team

y’all wasted my time , so i had to make money a thing

don’t come outside said its hunting season
watch your mans
said they probably scheming
ready to diе
h~ll no
i ain’t even pеaked yet

meaning of life like what is the reason
conversations with god
and we busy scheming

spark the blunt up
who gon smoke
yeah this sh~t is all i now
puff puff pass till the roach

eyes red, n~ggas dead
i’m just stating facts
demons say that it’s all in my head
so i cannot fall off
i’m making my way to the top
i dare you to stop me

won’t let them catch me slipping
promise i won’t let the demons in
the devils always at my heels
but he’ll never win

far from perfect
said i know sin
that’s why i am chosen
said i came up swinging
one two now his bells ringing
can’t let an industry plant keep winning
so i’ma go hard
can’t let them take my spot
just tryna make gaup
then split
gimme cash i don’t want the fame
i gotta pay bills
said we ain’t the same
too young to complain
versatile to stay in my lane
i poured my heart out
it started to rain
guess mother nature felt my pain
the voices in my head
said i’m going insane
but i refrain from listening
i gotta spread the wisdom
just hoping they listen

- เนื้อเพลง blckkiddcpt