เนื้อเพลง black thought – ghetto boys and girls (fuel interlude)


i came from the bottom up
i know a lot of boys, you stop ’em on the street (yeah)
god d~mn it! (ay, ay)
they askin’ where you from
our family never had enough (ay, yo)
every time you quittin’
if i had enough
i be like, “i’m from nowhere”
listen, everything i leave to this world
still movin’ onward, you say you from nowhere now (uh)
is for these ghetto boys and girls (ay, yo, ay, yo)
right now i’m with the young boys

ayo, and they convince us to adopt lies ’til the stock rise
while the vultures try and push the culture counter~clockwise
got us l!ckin’ shots at one another for popeyes
n~ggas rock~climb, try and come out on the top side
i mean the top of the food chain, f~ck a top five
my fears is fuelin’ my mood swings like the mach five
what’s the reason i just got high? i forgot why
another day, another glock fired, like we’re not tired
hollow men in the wasteland like t. s. eliot
spear stickin’ out of the flesh of a fresh elephant
news comin’ out in the press and they just relish it
when your hope’s shattered in stress, you say, “to h~ll with it”
this is for my young boys in them gun wars
out here on their going dumb jawn on the front lawn
trying to break the long arm of the law, that hunts for ’em
bettin’ lives on the luck of that draw, we want more, n~gga
everything i leave to this world
still movin’ on aboard, n~gga
we not human, we at war, n~gga
it’s for these ghetto boys and girls
listen, listen, listen, listen

- เนื้อเพลง black thought